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A good girl gone bad do u like bad girls? I Am Wants Sexy Meeting

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A good girl gone bad do u like bad girls?

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No white girls. Race and status is not important as long as you lik younger men. Ready to Love Again. Do you know Epona, the Celtic horse goddess boobsociated with healing and transformation.

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And they're at the forefront of conversations about Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens' participation in the sleazy, flashy, bong-water-and-Bud-Light-drenched world of Spring Breakers. But first, let's look at the usefulness of these stereotypes.

Take, for instance, the way these play out in pop music. In videos for both Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" from Hot lady want hot sex Haldimand County Ontario Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me"from claaaassics the singers embody both the good girl and bad girl roles to drive home the point that it's worth fighting a woman in a wig to get her boyfriend.

In Avril's video, "Avril" is the Bad Girl -- albeit one that's more fun and much cooler than her darker-haired, more uptight Good Girl counterpart.

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Hair color is also a defining factor in Swift's oeuvre, with "Taylor" as the blond, wholesome, sweet, and chronically friend-zoned Good Girl pining away for someone who's dating a Brunette Bad Girl who has the audacity to look super fine at prom. It's a lazy way to do a pop music video, but pop music videos Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Helsinki to be broad and lazy.

It's in not recognizing that women exist beyond those stereotypes -- or exhibit characteristics of both at the same time -- that we run into trouble. And create trouble for.

Britney Spears, like many pop starts before and since, has spent her entire career being cateogorized and re-categorized.

While critics love to look back on pop stars "good girl days," it's worth noting that Britney burst onto the scene dressed as an iconic naughty schoolgirl -- the ultimate "Good Girl gone Bad.

Bitch magazine recently ran an article exploring why "' Good Girls' need to 'go bad ,'" focusing primarily on Gomez and Hudgens' career-altering turn in the beautiful and disturbing Spring Breakers. As they always do, Bitch brings up a lot of interesting questions and valid critiques, Horney lady wants websex chat I feel like it missed one essential point in this discussion.

Even artists who don't take on explicit characters -- like actresses or singers like Beyonce and Horny milfs around Mobile Alabama Minaj -- slip into a different persona when they're out in the public sphere.

They have to. Dolly Parton has been playing Dolly Parton for decades, and the woman who is all wigs and eyelashes and wit and charm is not the same woman who deals with clogged shower drains or flosses before bed.

Which brings us to Gomez and Hudgens: These girls are performers. They are actresses and singers who take on different personas either explicitly in movies or more subtly on albums and in music videos.

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They weren't in films where they danced in bikinis and chugged beer and make James Franco simulate [spoiler] on a [spoiler] because they were, like, And now they're not, so they can expand their repertoire and play psycho-sexual nightmare people. Although, actually, it should be noted that Selena character in Spring Breakers is still very much a Good Girl -- the kind of girl who ruins your Casual Dating White mills Kentucky 42788 high by talking about dreams and getting away and, like, showing some semblance of an inner life.

And it isn't as if this phenomenon -- of growing up and taking on darker, more challenging, more murdery roles Hawaiian Cheyenne chat line is exclusive to women. Take a look at Ryan Gosling's career.

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He went from being a clean-cut kid in a dorky haircut on The Mickey Mouse Club to killing hella people and robbing hella banks. But we don't call him a People who live in Idaho Falls man Boy gone Bad" because we understand that he's an actor who takes on roles, roles that change according to his age and inclination.

Same for fellow Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake -- his persona changed from cute kid to Poodle-haired boy bander to a dude who brags Swingers london club he'll "have you naked by the end of this song," and no one would think to call him a "Bad Boy.

She's an artist, and one who has essentially grown up with an audience -- she is going to play with, alter, and expirement with her public persona as she grows and matures.

So while this dichotomy does exist -- particularly in Hollywood -- it's also important to maintain a distance from the Adult looking sex Altamont Missouri 64620 these young women play, the image they cultivate, and the people they are outside of their work.

They can exist within a flawed system without necessarily falling victims to it, particularly when their artistic choices aren't always so different from those of their male colleagues.

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