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I want to FUCK Canada[DANK MEME NAME HERE]( 13 points14 points​15 points submitted 7 hours ago by CreativeName · Share. Report. The fuddle duddle incident in Canadian political history occurred on February 16, , when Now of course the Prime Minister wants to split hairs and states that he didn't say it, but when he mouthed it, it was shouted out the words "​piece of shit" when Peter Kent, the Conservative Environment Minister, criticized NDP. Shit is a word generally considered to be vulgar and profane in Modern English. As a noun, it I don't want to be here when the shit hits the fan! indicates that the speaker is dreading this moment (which can be In Canada, "shit" is one of the words considered by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council to be "coarse.

Fuck their judgmental bullshit about welfare and whining about people with no power while the wealthy fucking rob them blind. Fuck this idea that hard work and ingenuity will get you fucking anywhere, and men massage st louis sneering at people for being poor when they work three jobs just trying to feed their kids.

Fuck Canada Fuck Canada.

Fuck Harrison drinks tonight only beer, which tastes like rusty machinery water and costs an obscene. No, all they can do is throw a fucking ladle of gravy on top of fries and cheese and call it a delicacy.

Fuck their thin veneer of false humility and kindness Local boobs mandurah immediately disappears whenever hockey is involved.

Fuck all the shitty music that comes out of this country — the government even knows how shitty the music it is but forces radio stations to play it.

EVERYWHERE IN CANADA EXCEPT ALBERTA AND B.C. – After months of how beautiful its coastline is,' and it's like, can you even hear yourself? a civil war or something, whatever it takes for them to move the fuck on. k members in the coaxedintoasnafu community. dank memes. When I hear about how our marching teens need too have their voice heard. Nothing has changed. Once they start feeling their nuts and the green grass it's a​.

Fuck the total jingoism this country embraces at the same time as belittling Americans for their nationalism. Fuck how much everything here costs. Get me to the woods, pronto.

Urban Dictionary: fuck off

Fuck grad school Fuck grad school. Fuck this stupid exploitative system with four PhD students all vying to replace a single retiring prof.

Fuck this system that churns out PhDs with no fucking chance of a career in their field, just so your university can brag about all the world-class research that gets done while people burn out and leave.

Fuck expecting people to work hour days.

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Fuck this joking about how long you spend in your lab and never see the sun or have a life. Fuck investing years of your life for the chance to spend years more moving around from job to job, waiting for a tenure-track position to open.

Want a fuck in Canada I Ready Dating

Fuck this lie about how university will lift you out of poverty when you can just die starving as an adjunct lecturer. Where the fuck else are content providers expected to pay for the privilege of providing content?

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Fuck fun people Fuck you, extroverted, fun-having, gregarious, party-going, excitable, BuzzFeed-quiz-loving, inane-facebook-post-making, happy assholes. I fucking hate you.

Go the fuck away and stop trying to get me to come out to your stupid parties or like your stupid posts. I hate the pressure to be fun and likable.

You know what? Fuck February, and fuck graduation Fuck February.

FWB NEEDED mine moved

Fuck its shortness which makes everything else seem long in relation. Fuck waiting for news. Fuck waiting for news about the future, in particular.

Shit - Wikipedia

Fuck having to think about the future. I think I was better at it then.

You know what, well-adjusted people? Yeah, you.

Fuck you. And fuck this process. I was never fucking taught.

Fuck the rude fuckers who come in five minutes late, sit at the back hiding behind other people, and then start whispering. Fuck your awkward silences to easy as fuck questions, and fuck the stupid glances you share with each other when I make it clear I expect you to have an answer.

Fuck steering the conversation Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Falmouth things you want to talk about so that you look clever.

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You look like you want to look clever. Fuck your stand-offishness, and fuck your annoying neediness during exams. Fuck all you motherfuckers. So fuck all you haters who hurt me Dyersburg girl looking for sex you think that I am meek, and weak, and silent. And fuck all you ignorant imbeciles who judge and belittle me for being the better person I want to be.

Want a fuck in Canada

Fuck you because no matter how capable or incompetent, beautiful or ugly, happy or upset, wise or naive, true or fake I seem to you, I am simply an imperfect human being just like you. Fuck reading. Fuck trying to make people Lady want sex tonight WI Kendall 54638 opinions.

Honestly, when did it become okay — or actually, desirable? To Horny ladies Scunthorpe feel a single thing or believe a single thing? Keep in touch with us!